Packages Received for Inmates that were Transferred (Directive 4911 (I.))

Packages Received for Inmates that were Transferred (Directive 4911 (I.))

To better support your process for purchasing a NY State Inmate Package for DOCCS inmates; here's a copy of the procedure for transferred or temporarily absent inmates from their home facility. This is a portion of NYS DOCCS Directive 4911. 
I.  Packages received for inmates transferred or temporarily absent from the facility
1.  Transfer
        a. During the processing for transfer, the inmate will be directed to indicate on the Form #2064 whether he or she will pay for postage to forward any package received within 14 days at the sending facility. If the inmate elects to pay for package forwarding, he or she shall also sign a disbursement form marked "Postage Due." If the inmate fails or refuses to indicate his or her choice or hasn't signed a disbursement form, packages received will be returned to the sender.
     b. The Goldenrod copy of the Form #2064 and signed disbursement form shall be maintained in a file at the sending facility. Whenever a package is received for an inmate no longer at the facility, package room staff shall check the Form #2064 to determine the inmate's choice.

     c.  Any package received after 14 days from the inmate’s date of transfer will be returned to sender. Where a package is received within 14 days and the inmate has indicated that he or she will pay forwarding postage and has signed a disbursement form, the shipping facility will absorb the cost of shipping from its postage appropriation and ship the package, and send a copy of the inmate’s Form #2064 and the signed disbursement form to the office of inmate accounts at the inmate’s new facility.

      d.  Upon receipt at the inmate’s new facility, the forwarded package will be issued in accordance with the provisions of this Directive. If funds are not available to process the disbursement, the inmate’s account will be encumbered for the owed amount. When any encumbrance is fully collected, the collecting facility will use the funds collected to refund its own postage appropriation.

2.  Temporary absence (out-to-court or at hospital)

       a.  A package for an inmate who is temporarily absent shall be x-rayed. If the package contains perishables, it shall be returned to sender. If no perishables are found, the package shall be stored by the facility unless it is determined that the inmate is likely to be absent in excess of 14 days.

       b.  Where the inmate is expected to be or has already been absent in excess of 14 days, the matter shall be referred to the Deputy Superintendent for Security to determine if the package should be held longer or returned to sender.

Our policy regarding a Returned Package of this type:

If a package is returned to Wilson Inmate Package Program; we will notify the customer of the return via email. This order is not eligible for a refund and will be shipped directly to the customer. The customer will be responsible for additional shipping cost. We encourage you to check with the facility prior to placing an order. Packages are shipped weekly on Thursday; we are not responsible for shipping orders if the inmate is on a disciplinary 5 day timeline.