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I Taught Myself How to Read In Prison. Then I Sued the System and Won
Posted by By ANDRE JACOBS (Reposted by Team Wilson) on 20th Aug 2019
I Taught Myself How to Read …

I entered prison at 15, lost and illiterate. A lot of the guys I knew were too ashamed to admit that they didn’t know how to read, but I wasn’t. I taught myself how. I would take a nov...

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Gov. Cuomo Granted Clemency to 29 Individuals
Posted by Governor's Press Office (Reposted by Team Wilson) on 20th Aug 2019
Gov. Cuomo Granted Clemency …

Pardons Build on Governor's Record of Defending the Immigrant Community Including the First-in-the-Nation Liberty Defense Project to Provide Legal Defense and Executive Actions to Proh...

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