Letters in Support or Opposition of an Inmate's Release


Letters In Support Or Opposition Of An Inmate's Release

Letters in support or opposition prior to an inmate’s Parole Board appearance should be sent directly to the
Supervising Offender Rehabilitation Coordinator (SORC) at the inmate’s current facility or by submitting online. Statements received the same month as the inmate's scheduled interview are not guaranteed to be available to the Parole Board.

Letters should be addressed as: 
Correctional Facility Name 
Supervising Offender Rehabilitation Coordinator 
Correctional Facility Mailing Address

To locate an inmate using the Inmate Look-Up, click here.

For a list of mailing addresses for each correctional facility within the Department, click here.

Certain individuals who are victims of certain violent crimes are eligible to provide an in-person Victim Impact Statement. To learn how to provide a Victim Impact Statement, click here
To learn about the Office of Victim Assistance, click here.


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