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Family & Friends Services on the Outside


Offenders are encouraged to maintain a positive disciplinary record and participate in programs according to their individualized program plan. Offenders can lose good time for not participating in their recommended program plan and therefore may not be eligible for early release. Therefore, we encourage you to support them in maintaining a positive disciplinary adjustment so that they will be more apt to pursue and attend needed programs.

Generally speaking, there are four ways to be released from DOCCS custody back to the community:

  • Presumptive Release/Merit Time
  • Parole Board Release
  • Conditional Release
  • Completion of Maximum Sentence (Max-out)

Presumptive Release/Merit Time

There are other avenues for release earlier than the court imposed minimum sentence. An offender may be considered for presumptive release based on crime and sentence, satisfactory disciplinary and program participation, time already served, and prior criminal history. Questions should be directed to the offender’s assigned Offender Rehabilitation Coordinator.

Parole Board Release

Parole Board Commissioners may grant release after a minimum portion of the sentence is served.

Conditional Release

A statutory type of release that the Board of Parole does not have discretion to grant or deny.

  • Indeterminate sentences, where there is a minimum and maximum sentence imposed, the offender must serve 2/3 of their maximum sentence with no loss of good time.
  • Determinate sentences, where there is a flat length of time, the offender must serve 6/7 of their sentence, and have no loss of good time.

Completion of Maximum Sentence (Max-Out)

An offender is released from prison after serving the maximum term of their sentence. This can occur in the following instances:

  • The offender is not paroled and lost all good time.
  • The offender is returned to prison for violating the conditions of their release with less than one year remaining on the original sentence, and a Parole Board decision that they be held to the maximum expiration (ME) of their sentence, or, the offender refuses conditional release.

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