The Osborne Association

The Osborne Association

The Osborne Association is committed to transforming lives, communities, and the criminal justice system through:

  • Direct Services and Programs in community sites in New York City, Newburgh, NY, and more than 30 prisons and jails, designed and proven to transform individuals, families, and communities

  • Policy Advocacy, Training, Technical Assistance, and Testing New Approaches through the Osborne Center for Justice Across Generations, and coalitions and partnerships, designed to transform the criminal justice system



Osborne offers a wide range of direct services to justice system-involved people and their children and families. Our programs and services are evidence- and experience-based and designed to:

  • reduce crime and reliance on incarceration,

  • heal the damage and trauma of crime and incarceration, and

  • enhance opportunity for those affected by crime and incarceration.

Alternatives to Incarceration
  • Defender-based court advocacy, utilizing forensic social workers in partnership with defense counsel, leading to pretrial release (alternatives to detention) and sentence mitigation leading to alternatives to incarceration or lower sentences.